Miller Measure of Spirituality

 MMS (Miller, 2004)

1. I am often intrigued by things or matters that seem to be mysterious or unexplainable.

2. It is important for people to be at peace with themselves.

3. It deeply saddens me when I perceive that another person has suffered some sort of injustice.

4. If you think someone or something is important to you, then you should deeply value it.

5. There are some occurrences in the natural world that seem to be beyond scientific understanding.

6. There is more to this world than what can be seen and physically studied.

7. People need to frequently evaluate what should be cherished in their lives.

8. I tend to reflect upon the events that occur in my life.

9. Sometimes it takes a major loss to occur before a person realizes what is truly important in life.

10. Changing or growing as a person in a good way is one of the noblest endeavors that a person can undertake.

11. Every experience allows a person to learn something new about themselves.

12. I am very compassionate towards the needs of others.

13. I am always trying to find ways to express myself

14. The search for meaning allows one to find inner peace.

15. The process of self‐discovery is very important to me.

16. People should work to enact their most idealistic beliefs.

17. I try to turn painful experiences into something that allows me to grow as a person.

18. Religious leaders must always emphasize the importance of compassion and tolerance for all.

19. I hope that most people will go to a good place after they die.

20. My belief in a higher being affects and influences most of my life.

21. I feel the need to communicate with some type of higher being.

22. I consider myself to be a spiritual person.

23. I firmly believe that good prevails over evil.

24. I feel that each and every person has a unique mission to fulfill in life.

25. My life would have little meaning if I did not believe in a higher being.

26. I regularly seek inner strength and guidance from a higher being.

27. By helping others, I am showing my love for my supreme or higher being.

28. I try to serve my higher power as best I know how.

29. I feel that I have a personal connection to some type of higher being.

30. I am moved by sacred rituals.

31. I am searching for the ultimate truths of everyday life.