The Meaning in Life Questionnaire

Steger, M. F., Frazier, P., Oishi, S., & Kaler, M. (2006). The Meaning in Life Questionnaire: Assessing the presence of and search for meaning in life. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 53, 80-93.

Please take a moment to think about what makes your life and existence feel important and significant to you. Please respond to the following statements as truthfully and accurately as you can, and also please remember that these are very subjective questions and that there are no right or wrong answers. Please answer according to the scale below:

1- Absolutely Untrue 2 – Mostly Untrue 3- Somewhat Ttrue or False 4 – Can’t Say 5- Somewhat  True  6 – Mostly  True  7 – Absolutely  True

_____1. I understand my life’s meaning.

_____2. I am looking for something that makes my life feel meaningful.

_____3. I am always looking to find my life’s purpose.

_____4. My life has a clear sense of purpose.

_____5. I have a good sense of what makes my life meaningful.

_____6. I have discovered a satisfying life purpose.

_____7. I am always searching for something that makes my life feel significant.

_____8. I am seeking a purpose or mission for my life.

_____9. My life has no clear purpose.

_____10. I am searching for meaning in my life.



Item 9 is reverse scored.

Items 1, 4, 5, 6, & 9 make up the Presence of Meaning subscale

Items 2, 3, 7, 8, & 10 make up the Search for Meaning subscale