Three Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire

TFMQ (Baer, i in., 2006)

Below is a collection of statements about your everyday experience. Using the 1–5 scale below, please indicate, in the box to the right of each statement, how frequently or infrequently you have had each experience in the last month (or other agreed time period). Please answer according to what really reflects your experience rather than what you think your experience should be.
1 = never or very rarely true
2 = rarely true
3 = sometimes true
4= often true
5 = always true
1. I perceive my feelings and emotions without having to react to them NR
2. I find it difficult to stay focused on what’s happening in the present /AA
3. I criticize myself for having irrational or inappropriate emotions /NJ
4. I watch my feelings without getting lost in them NR
5. It seems I am “running on automatic” without much awareness of what I’m doing /AA
6. I tell myself that I shouldn’t be feeling the way I’m feeling /NJ
7. In difficult situations, I can pause without immediately reacting NR
8. I rush through activities without being really attentive to them /AA
9. I believe some of my thoughts are abnormal or bad and I shouldn’t think that way /NJ
10. When I have distressing thoughts or images, I am able just to notice them without reacting NR
11. I do jobs or tasks automatically, without being aware of what I’m doing /AA
12. I make judgments about whether my thoughts are good or bad. /NJ
13. When I have distressing thoughts or images, I feel calm soon after NR
14. I find myself doing things without paying attention /AA
15. I tell myself I shouldn’t be thinking the way I’m thinking /NJ
16. When I have distressing thoughts or images, I “step back” and am aware of the thought or image without getting taken over by it NR
17. When I do things, my mind wanders off and I’m easily distracted /AA
18. I think some of my emotions are bad or inappropriate and I shouldn’t feel them /NJ
19. When I have distressing thoughts or images, I just notice them and let them go NR
20. I don’t pay attention to what I’m doing because I’m daydreaming, worrying, or otherwise distracted /AA
21. I disapprove of myself when I have irrational ideas /NJ
22. I am easily distracted /AA
23. When I have distressing thoughts or images, I judge myself as good or bad, depending what the thought/image is about /NJ