The Rumination-Reflection Questionnaire


RRQ (Trapnell, Campbell 1999) – Revision (Carter, 2010)


1. My attention is often focused on aspects of myself I wish I’d stop thinking about.

2. I always seem to be rehashing in my mind recent things I’ve said or done.

3.  it is hard for me to shut off thoughts about myself.

4. I never ruminate or dwell on myself for very long. (RS)

5. I often reflect on episodes in my life that I should no longer concern myself with.

6. I spend a great deal of time thinking back over my  embarrassing  or  disappointing moments.

7. I’m not really a meditative type of person. (RS)

8. I love analyzing why I do things.

9. People often say I’m a “deep,” introspective type person.

10. I’m very self-inquisitive by nature

11. I love to meditate on the nature and meaning of things.

12. I often love to look at my life in philosophical ways.

13. Contemplating myself isn’t my idea of fun. (RS)


Note. RS = reverse scored item. Rumination (1-6)  Reflection (7-13)