Spiritual Assessment Scale

SAS (Harmer, 2006)

1. I have a general sense of belonging.

2. I am able to forgive people who have done wrong to me.

3. I have the ability to rise above or go beyond a physical or psychological condition.

4. I am concerned about destruction of the environment.

5. I have experienced moments of peace in a devastating event.

6. I feel a kinship to other people.

7. I feel a connection to all of life.

8. I rely on an inner strength in hard times.

9. I enjoy being of service to others.

10. I can go to a spiritual dimension within myself for guidance.

11. I have the ability to rise above or go beyond a body change or body loss.

12. I have a sense of harmony or inner peace.

13. I have the ability for self‐healing.

14. I have an inner strength.

15. The boundaries of my universe extend beyond usual ideas of what space and time are thought to be.

16. I feel good about myself.

17. I have a sense of balance in my life.

18. There is fulfilment in my life.

19. I feel a responsibility to preserve the planet.

20. The meaning I have found for my life provides a sense of peace.

21. Even when I feel discouraged, I trust that life is good.

22. My life has meaning and purpose.

23. My innerness or an inner resource helps me deal with uncertainty in life.

24. I have discovered my own strength in time of struggle.

25. Reconciling relationships is important to me.

26. I feel a part of the community in which I live.

27. My inner strength is related to a belief in a Higher Power or Supreme Being.

28. I have goals and aims for my life.