Francis–Louden Mystical Orientation Scale

Francis–Louden Mystical  Orientation  Scale  (Francis, Louden,  2000a)

Please indicate, on the 1–5 scale each time, whether you can recognize having had each of the experiences listed below, ranging from 1 (to indicate that you have NEVER had the experience listed) to 5 (indicating that you have DEFINITELY had the experience listed).

Note: For each question, respondents were asked to record responses on a 1–5 scale, structured as follows:

Never had this experience   1 2 3 4 5 Definitely had this experience

1.            Experiencing something that I could not put into  words

2.            Sensing God in the beauty of nature

3.            Brief glimpses into the heart of things

4.            Being overwhelmed by a sense of wonder

5.            Feeling at one with the universe

6.            Losing a sense of time, place and person

7.            Being absorbed within the Divine

8.            Feeling moved by a Power or Presence beyond description

9.            Knowing that I was surrounded by a Presence

10.          Transient visions of the transcendental

11.          Being in a state of mystery outside my body 12. Feeling at one with all living things

13.          Being conscious of only timelessness and eternity

14.          Losing myself in a greater being

15.          Being aware of more than I could ever describe

16.          Hearing God speak to me

17.          Passing moments of Divine revelation

18.          Being grasped by a Power beyond my control

19.          Sensing the unity in all things

20.          The merging of past, present and future

21.          Feeling myself absorbed in the depths of being