Langer Mindfulness Scale

LMS (Langer, 2004)

INSTRUCTIONS: Below are a number of statements that refer to your personal outlook. Please rate the extent to which you agree with each of these statements. If you are confused by the wording of an item, have no opinion, or neither agree or disagree, use the “4” or “NEUTRAL” rating. Thank you for your assistance.

1 –  Strongly Disagree                   3 – Neutral                               5 – Strongly Agree

1.            I generate few novel ideas         (reverse score)

2.            I like being challenged intellectually

3.            I am always open to new ways of doing things

4.            I like to investigate things

5.            I have an open-mind about everything, even things that challenge my core beliefs

6.            I am rarely alert to new developments (reverse score)

7.            I try to think of new ways of doing things

8.            I find it easy to create new and effective ideas

9.            I am very curious

10.          I avoid thought provoking conversations             (reverse score)

11.          I am very creative

12.          I make many novel contributions

13.          I can behave in many different ways for a given situation

14.          I do not actively seek to learn new things           (reverse score)

15.          I like to figure out how things work

16.          I seldom notice what other people are up to

17.          I stay with the old tried and true ways of doing things  (reverse score)

18.          I attend to the “big picture”

19.          I am not an original thinker         (reverse score)

20.          I “get involved” in almost everything I do

21.          I am rarely aware of changes     (reverse score)