Values in Action Inventory of Strength

VIA-IS (Peterson, Park, Seligman, 2005)


1             I find the world a very interesting place.

2             I always go out of my way to attend educational events.

3             I always identify the reasons for my actions

4             Being able to come up with new and different ideas is one of my strong points.

5             I am very aware of my surroundings.

6             I always have a broad outlook on what is going on.

7             I have taken frequent stands in the face of strong opposition.

8             I never quit a task before it is done.

9             I always keep my promises.

10           I am never too busy to help a friend.

11           I am always willing to take risks to establish a relationship.

12           I never miss group meetings or team practices.

13           I always admit when I am wrong.

14           In a group, I try to make sure everyone feels included.

15           I have no trouble eating healthy foods.

16           I have never deliberately hurt anyone.

17           It is important to me that I live in a world of beauty.

18           I always express my thanks to people who care about me.

19           I always looks on the bright side.

20           I am a spiritual person.

21           I am always humble about the good things that have happened to me.

22           Whenever my friends are in a gloomy mood, I try to tease them out of it.

23           I want to fully participate in life, not just view it from the sidelines.

24           I always let bygones be bygones.

25           I am never bored.

26           I love to learn new things.

27           I always examine both sides of an issue.

28           When someone tells me how to do something, I automatically think of alternative ways to get the same thing done.

29           I know how to handle myself in different social situations.

30           Regardless of what is happening, I keep in mind what is most important.

31           I have overcome an emotional problem by facing it head on.

32           I always finish what I start.

33           My friends tell me that I know how to keep things real.

34           I really enjoy doing small favors for friends.

35         There are people in my life who care as much about my feelings and well‐being as they do about their own.

36           I really enjoy being a part of a group.

37           Being able to compromise is an important part of who I am.

38           As a leader, I treat everyone equally well regardless of his or her experience.

39           Even when candy or cookies are under my nose, I never overeat.

40           “Better safe than sorry” is one of my favorite mottoes.

41           The goodness of other people almost brings tears to my eyes.

42           I get chills when I hear about acts of great generosity.

43           I can always find the positive in what seems negative to others.

44           I practice my religion.

45           I do not like to stand out in a crowd.

46           Most people would say I am fun to be with.

47           I never dread getting up in the morning.

48           I rarely hold a grudge.

49           I am always busy with something interesting.

50           I am thrilled when I learn something new.

51           I make decisions only when I have all of the facts.

52           I like to think of new ways to do things.

53           No matter what the situation, I am able to fit in.

54           My view of the world is an excellent one.

55           I never hesitate to publicly express an popular opinion.

56           I am a goal‐oriented person.

57           I believe honesty is the basis for trust.

58           I go out of my way to cheer up people who appear down.

59           There are people who accept my shortcomings.

60           I am an extremely loyal person.

61           I treat all people equally regardless of who they might be.

62           One of my strengths is helping a group of people work well together even when they have their differences.

63           I am a highly disciplined person.

64           I always think before I speak.

65           I experience deep emotions when I see beautiful things.

66           At least once a day, I stop and co t my blessings.

67           Despite challenges, I always remain hopeful about the future.

68           My faith never deserts me during hard times.

69           I do not act as if I am special person

70           I welcome the opportunity to brighten someone elseʹs day with laughter.

71           I never approach things halfheartedly.

72           I never seek vengeance.

73           I am always curious about the world.

74           Every day, I look forward to the opportunity to learn and grow.

75           I value my ability to think critically.

76           I pride myself on being original.

77           I have the ability to make other people feel interesting.

78           I have never steered a friend wrong by giving bad advice.

79           I must stand up for what I believe even if there are negative results.

80           I finish things despite obstacles in the way.

81           I tell the truth even if it hurts.

82           I love to make other people happy.

83           I am the most important person in someone else’s life.

84           I work at my very best when I am a group member.

85           Everyone’s rights are equally important to me.

86           I am very good at planning group activities.

87           I control my emotions.

88           My friends believe that I make smart choices about what I say and do.

89           I see beauty that other people pass by without noticing.

90           If I receive a gift, I always let the person who gave it know I appreciated it.

91           I have a clear picture in my mind about what I want to happen in the future.

92           My life has a strong purpose.

93           I never brag about my accomplishments.

94           I try to have f in all kinds of situations.

95           I love what I do.

96           I always allow others to leave their mistakes in the past and make a fresh start.

97           I am excited by many different activities.

98           I am a true life‐long learner.

99           My friends value my objectivity.

100         I am always coming up with new ways to do things.

101         I always know what makes someone tick.

102         People describe me as “wise beyond my years.”

103         I call for action while others talk.

104         I am a hard worker.

105         My promises can be trusted.

106         I have voluntarily helped a neighbor in the last month.

107       My family and close friends cannot do anything that would make me stop loving them.

108         I never bad‐mouth my group to outsiders.

109         I give everyone a chance.

110         To be an effective leader, I treat everyone the same.

111         I never want things that are bad for me in the longer , even if they make me feel good in the shorter.

112         I always avoid activities that are physically dangerous.

113         I have often been left speechless by the beauty depicted in a movie.

114         I am an extremely grateful person.

115         If I get a bad grade or evaluation, I focus on the next opportunity, and plan to do better.

116         In the past 24 hours, I have spent 30 minutes in prayer, meditation or contemplation.

117         I am proud that I am an ordinary person.

118         I try to add some humor to whatever I do.

119         I look forward to each new day.

120         I believe it is best to forgive and forget.

121         I have many interests.

122         I always go out of my way to visit museums.

123         When the topic calls for it, I can be a highly rational thinker.

124         My friends say that I have lots of new and different ideas.

125         I always get along well with people I have just met.

126         I am always able to look at things and see the big picture.

127         I always stand up for my beliefs.

128         I do not give up.

129         I am true to my own values.

130         I always call my friends when they are sick.

131         I always feel the presence of love in my life.

132         It is important for me to maintain harmony within my group.

133         I am strongly committed to principles of justice and equality

134         I believe that our human nature brings us together to work for common goals.

135         I can always stay on a diet.

136         I think through the consequences every time before I act.

137         I am always aware of the natural beauty in the environment.

138         I go to extremes to acknowledge people who are good to me.

139         I have a plan for what I want to be doing five years from now.

140         My faith makes me who I am.

141         I prefer to let other people talk about themselves.

142         I never allow a gloomy situation to take away my sense of humor.

143         I have lots of energy.

144         I am always willing to give someone a chance to make amends.

145         I can find something of interest in any situation.

146         I read all of the time.

147         Thinking things through is part of who I am.

148         I am an original thinker.

149         I am good at sensing what other people are feeling.

150         I have a mature view on life.

151         I always face my fears.

152         I never get sidetracked when I work.

153         I take pride in not exaggerating who or what I am.

154         I am as excited about the good fort e of others as I am about my own.

155         I can express love to someone else.

156         Without exception, I support my teammates or fellow group members.

157         I refuse to take credit for work I have not done.

158         My friends always tell me I am a strong but fair leader.

159         I can always say “enough is enough.”

160         I always keep straight right from wrong.

161         I greatly appreciate all forms of art.

162         I feel thankful for what I have received in life.

163         I know that I will succeed with the goals I set for myself.

164         I believe that each person has a purpose in life.

165         I rarely call attention to myself.

166         I have a great sense of humor.

167         I cannot wait to get started on a project.

168         I rarely try to get even.

169         It is very easy for me to entertain myself.

170         If I want to know something, I immediately go to the library or the Internet and look it up.

171         I always weigh the pro’s and con’s.

172         My imagination stretches beyond that of my friends.

173         I am aware of my own feelings and motives.

174         Others come to me for advice.

175         I have overcome pain and disappointment.

176         I stick with whatever I decide to do.

177         I would rather die than be phony.

178         I enjoy being kind to others.

179         I can accept love from others.

180         Even if I disagree with them, I always respect the leaders of my group.

181         Even if I do not like someone, I treat him or her fairly.

182         As a leader, I try to make all group members happy.

183         Without exception, I do my tasks at work or school or home by the time they are due.

184         I am a very careful person.

185         I am in awe of simple things in life that others might take for granted

186         When I look at my life, I find many things to be grateful for.

187         I am confident that my way of doing things will work out for the best.

188         I believe in a universal power, a god.

189         I have been told that modesty is one of my most notable characteristics.

190         I find satisfaction in making others smile or laugh.

191         I can hardly wait to see what life has in store for me in the weeks and years ahead.

192         I am usually willing to give someone another chance.

193         I think my life is extremely interesting.

194         I read a huge variety of books.

195         I try to have good reasons for my important decisions.

196         In the last month I have found an original solution to a problem in my life.

197         I always know what to say to make people feel good.

198         I may not say it to others, but I consider myself to be a wise person.

199         I always speak up in protest when I hear someone say mean things.

200         When I make plans, I am certain to make them work.

201         My friends always tell me I am down to earth.

202         I am thrilled when I can let others share the spotlight.

203         I have a neighbor or someone at work or school that I really care about as a person.

204         It is important to me to respect decisions made by my group.

205         I believe that everyone should have a say.

206         For me, practice is as importance as performance.

207         As a leader, I believe that everyone in the group should have a say in what the group does.

208         I always make careful choices.

209         I often have a craving to experience great art, such as music, drama, or paintings.

210         I feel a profound sense of appreciation every day.

211         If I feel down, I always think about what is good in my life.

212         My beliefs make my life important.

213         No one would ever describe me as arrogant.

214         I believe life is more of a playground than a battlefield.

215         I awaken with a sense of excitement about the dayʹs possibilities.

216         I do not want to see anyone suffer, even my worst enemy.

217         I really enjoy hearing about other co tries and cultures.

218         I love to read nonfiction books for f .

219         My friends value my good judgment.

220         I have a powerful urge to do something original during this next year.

221         It is rare that someone can take advantage of me.

222         Others consider me to be a wise person.

223         I am a brave person.

224         When I get what I want, it is because I worked hard for it.

225         Others trust me to keep their secrets.

226         I always listen to people talk about their problems.

227         I easily share feelings with others

228         I gladly sacrifice my self‐interest for the benefit of the group I am in.

229         I believe that it is worth listening to everyone’s opinions.

230         When I am in a position of authority, I never blame others for problems.

231         I exercise on a regular basis.

232         I cannot imagine lying or cheating.

233         I have created something of beauty in the last year.

234         I have been richly blessed in my life.

235         I expect the best.

236         I have a calling in my life.

237         People are drawn to me because I am humble.

238         I am known for my good sense of humor.

239         People describe me as full of zest.

240         I try to respond with understanding when someone treats me badly.