Metacognitive, Affective, Cognitive Experience

MACE (Kahan, Sullivan, 2011)

1. Did you choose between two or more options? (e.g., I chose to finish my homework instead of going out to the movies)

10. Did you think about what was happening around you? (e.g., I thought about how people seemed to be running in all directions at once)

2. Did you comment to yourself about any person or event? (e.g., I said to myself ‘‘that person looks like my sister’’)

3. Did something or someone suddenly capture your attention? (e.g., I heard a scream behind me and I turned around to see what happened)

4. Did you focus for a period of time on accomplishing a particular task? (e.g., I looked all over for my keys)

5. Did you experience any unusual difficulty in accomplishing anything you were trying to do? (e.g., My tennis serve is usually good, but for some reason I couldn’t get the ball over the net)

6. Were you concerned about the impression you made, how you looked or how your appeared to others? (e.g., I was afraid I’d seem foolish if I asked a question)

7. Did you feel any emotions during the experiences? (e.g., I felt angry)

8. Did you think about your own thoughts or feelings? (e.g., I thought about the intensity of the jealousy I was feeling)

9. Did you think about what you were doing? (e.g., I was thinking I need to be careful not to spill the boiling pot)